Corporate Video

Corporate Video Production

Some of our most effective “Corporate and Business Video Production” Services include; 

> Promotions & Marketing > Product Demo
> Customer Training > Product Instruction
> Company Profiles > Communications to Employees
> Speeches & Presentations > Conferences & Seminars
> Interviews and Testimonials > Video News Releases
> Plant Tours > Employee Orientation & Training

Web Video

Companies of all sizes can now benefit from having custom promotional videos and video testimonials on their own website. Web Videos advance your business goals by using HD video to advertise and market your product or service, or describe features and benefits. 

Your video commercial can be embedded as a Web Video on your website or in emails, and placed on YouTube and Social Networking platforms.

Interview Videos

At PM ProductionZ, we understand how important a good interview is to making sure your video production turns out right. We have an awesome production team with diverse talents and skills so we can assure you that your video will stick out from the rest. But enough about how great we are behind the camera.

Anybody who’s ever been interviewed knows that the hardest part of the interview is getting the subject to feel at home. At PM ProductionZ, we not only make sure our subjects are comfortable, we create an atmosphere where they’re able to express themselves as freely as possible.

Using the latest advances in high definition cameras and lighting – your interview will simply look beautiful. After all, we want your subjects to look as good as your message sounds. PM ProductionZ can make it happen.

Customer Testimonial Videos

The customer testimonial is a powerful marketing tool. When your potential clients see their peers talking about real problems and the ways your product helps them run faster, smarter and more efficiently, it speaks louder, and more directly than any marketing message an ad agency might drum up. As they say, it’s much more compelling to have your customers brag about you, than to toot your own horn.

Company Profile Videos

Do you find it especially tricky to translate what it is that makes your company, business, product or service so special in an entertaining and concise way?

Video is a multi-faceted medium for featuring the best aspects of your company and describing exactly what you are all about to your potential customers, clients or partners.

In particular, a company profile video can serve as your comprehensive introduction, great for emailing to prospects and professionals you want to collaborate with.