Live Performance Video Demos


Vivaldi's Summer by The Hutchins Consort

Lighthouse (Knee Deep)

Gregory Page "Promise of a Dream"

The Hutchins Consort Promo Video

Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe (excerpts from Halloween 2014 Performance)

Waitress or “I’m in Love with a Gay Waitress”

Wrinkles "Higlights"

Maude Maggart & David Lucky (San Diego Cabaret Awards 2015)

Todd Schroeder (San Diego Cabaret Awards 2016)

Catherine Caldwell (San Diego Cabaret Awards 2016)

Berkley Hart "She's So Beautiful"

Daniela by The Hutchins Consort and Cuatro para Tango

Jeanie's Song

Laurence Juber - All of Me

Excerpts from "Straighten Up & Fly Right"

UCSD Asayake Taiko "Arashi"

AJ Croce "Trouble in Mind"

PM ProductionZ "Dance Reel"

Steve Poltz - Sewing Machine

Candye Kane "All You Can Eat"